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Combining the love of cannabis and culinary art with a epic experience "Mateo's Pot" has been hosting dinner parties, puff and paints, knowledgeable vendor events held monthly since January 2017. Creating unique and one of kind beverages and entrees with CBDs, terpenes, tinctures etc. Each dinner party is held at a different location each time with a new menu. Creating beautiful ambiance and decor to go alongside with mood setting music. A seat at Mateo's Pot table is one you want to fill. We take pride in providing a medicated and educated experience so everything is always explained from ingredients, strain,  dosage, form and benefits. We have Family vendor markets to bring family members to learn about this beautiful flower. We throw events that highlight specific issues that we all have questions about daily. 

Prepare to be amazed


There is always a creative and fun theme when it comes to "Mateo's pot" cannbis dinner party's. With one long family style dinner table to converse and meet New people from all around and some times grouped. These cannabis Infused dinner party's are always a reason to dress up, show out and come mix mingle and meet new people. Over the courses and cocktails you'll be educated about what your intaking and wonderful  medical effects.

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"Mateo's Pot" host several events a month with a seat waiting for you! Subscribe to stay updated on where "Mateo's pot" will pop up next. 


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Healthy Weight Awareness Month

6pm - 9pm

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Healthy Weight Awareness Month

We are in the month of Health weight and we have 

6pm - 9pm